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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

Transnational Gender Advocacy Politics and Sex Trafficking- Kara Santokie What is sex trafficking?  The international labour organization (ILO) estimates that at any given time, there are 12.3 million people in forced or bonded labour, child labour or sexual servitude.  32% of all victims trafficked into labour exploitation; 43% for sexual exploitation and 25% for a mixture of both  Intra-state and cross border problemNeeds international corporation  Issue of great concern to feminists but they are deeply divided on the best approach  Existing anti-sex trafficking policy 1) The moral standpoint of these feminist activists and states 2) the interests of these different feminine groups and states 3)relative amounts of power (by countries) that can be attributed What is the governance issue?  International policy aims to do two things: 1) stop, or at least reduce, sex trafficking 2) provide assistance to trafficked women -1949 to agree that sex trafficking was bad and important issue -specific enforcement -social welfare measures to rehabilitate -pimping and brothel management was prohibited In 2000, decided to replace this law UN Trafficking Protocol  they tried to attempt to design a protocol stop or reduce sex trafficking and provide assistance to trafficked women -issue of women mixed with sex in a patriarchal system very clear and real relationship between sex trafficking and sex trade in the context of patriarchal social systems and this is an issue where female sexuality is very intricately embedded most controversial -the extent of women’s control over their sexuality -implicit that sex trafficked women have no agency But the road is very bumpy. Result: “trafficking”= “sex trafficking” and “prostitution”- “sex trafficking” -They are either understood synonymously or that the existence of sex trade makes the existence of sex trafficking. -female migration ignites a great deal of controversy -many women who migrate from rural areas, they are automatically assumed to be prostitutes regardless Governance Feminism  The positioning of feminist ideas in actual legal institutional power, with the normative goal of addressing problems and seeking reforms in the real world  With regard to sex trafficking, governance feminist occupy two camps: -abolitionist or radical -pro-sex work -governance feminism refers to feminist advocacy legal and institutional power the process of creating international law -putting feminist laws into that process -infiltration of specific feminist activism into general power wielding Abolist feminist equate sex trafficking Prostitution and sex trafficking is mainly about the private sphere -women are in a subordinate position in regard to their sexuality -this is manifested in the sex trade, and prostitution and sex trafficking is a greater version of this -one major interpretation of the patriarchal system -the problem of prostitution is very simply understood men demand women, women are the supply and this causes sex trafficking we tried to stop prostition and curb that demand will not happen (CATW)Coalition of trafficking ____ -on a global scale state to international level they extract them from the micro to the macro -choice and consent are irrelavent one cannot choose to be prostitute in this understanding she is only a victim Pro-sex feminists advocacy -sex workers should be afforded the same rights as all other workers under the labour law -failure to do this enables the human rights abuses and enables sex trafficking -if we pro
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