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Political Science

Nov 14 2012 - The definition of democracy will vary depending on who you ask - Some people would say “by the people, for the people” - The institutions did not represent the majority of the people - Voting rights were related to property rights - Education enable preferred voting - A shift in politics were conducted, used to be the monopoly of the landed classes (only men) - Other people in power continue the status quo, classed that benefit from the situation - Generally happens when there is a democratic opening Democracy and political party - Democracy and political parties - Strong single party regimes after independence - Elites have to mobilize classes, support with all segments of society - Conservative forces  conservative parties - In all societies there are conservative that benefit from the status quo - Ie money and tribal authority - Challenger parties, tribal leaders and authority, mobilization capacity - If you don’t know the threat, you could lose power - Polarization - Defection from democracy, marches, strikes Egypt in 1930s to early 1950s - Elite conservative parties (mainly al-wafd - Challenger parties – muslim
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