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Political Science

Lecture 1 January 10 2013 POLC97 Prof. Masri [email protected] - Focus on the middle east, a lot of ideas around, from the media, from personal experience - Examine some of the ideas based on political science - Focus on a number of trends, factors that society mobilizes - Help reflect critically on concepts we learn - Focus on protest politics, a lot of people think that the only thing that mobilizes people in the middle east is religion, i.e. Islam What is the Middle East? - How did the “middle east” come into being? East of what? Europe - A European name given to the region, by the British India office, who divided the region from the far east of Asia to Turkey - Focus on countries between morocco to Iran, and including Sudan - More than 450-500 million people and more than 25 states - These people are different in many different ways, challenging to study society or politics, focus on certain trends, doesn’t apply to all - General trends, keep in mind differences - What kind of similarities can we identify? Language (Arab is most common, other than regional and ethnic languages), culture, religion, history of European colonization and occupation European colonialism in the middle - Two main powers were France and Britain, others included Italy and Spain - Different forms, population transfer, outright control, mandate via the (failed) league of nations - Countries that remained independent still within a “sphere of influence” - What happened to colonization? Exploitation  revolt  leaves legacy of protest politics - Some of these movements have lasted for a long time, many lives have been lost, i.e. Algeria war of independence approx. 1 million dead - Culture of resistance, globalization - One place we can say that has a similar protest movement, in Palestine - Look at some forms of globalization and protest politics, ways they are using them to achieve independence Middle East and Islam - Most population is Muslim, except in Israel, different sects, Shia and Sunni are the largest - Significant non Muslim populations as well - Religion plays an important role in people’s lives, not the only factor - In order to understand the dynamics, we are going to look at Islamic
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