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Lecture 5

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Political Science
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Lecture 5 POLC97 Prof. Masri February 7, 2013 - Prof shows up surprisingly early, 11:07, to collect his blood money that is the assignments - Most have it done, most say it was surprisingly confusing - 11:15 he starts setting up - First slide still says “Thursday 11-11” LOL - Today: continue with discussion of social movements in the middle east, then more contemporary examples of movements, supposed to concentrate on nationalist movements today - Had to fragment class, probably because he can’t finish a lecture - Kurdish movement won’t be a part of the exam - Last week: Social movements (again) Agreed Components of Definition - Collective effort - Some duration and organization - Uninstitutionalized methods - Want to bring about social change Theory? Theories? - Many theories - Collective bargaining theory - Resource mobilization theory o Resources o organization - Political process model o Political opportunity o Threats o Cycle of contention - Synthetic approach RMT + PPM - New social movements (mainly in Europe) o Capitalist, post-industrial o Global West Study of SMT in the Middle East - SMT was rarely applied - Islamic movements were mostly ignored - Is it different? - One of the most important aspects was collective action o Collective behavior theory  Economic failure  Cultural imperialism  Authoritarianism o Resource mobilization theory + structures  Resources  Faith + Masjid  NGOs and other organizations (informal) o Political Process Model  Flexibility and responsiveness o Framing  Focus on Islamic culture and identity  Cultural imperialism of the west  Competing frames - Many similarities with SMT elsewhere - We need to pay attention to: o Context o Networks (informal) o Contentious practices Nati
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