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Lecture 2

Week 2

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Political Science
Paul Kingston

POLC97 Week 2 Lecture 1192012 100800 AMCitizenship in the Middle East There are 3 ways of thinking about citizenship 1 idea of citizenship based upon rights y revolves are the state and what rights it provides Specific to political regime determine available rights and entitlements usually found within constitutions developing world may not strictly abide by constitution to make certain rights available through informal conditional rights y Informal rights rights that emerge as a result of ones position in patronclient relationship 2 based upon responsibilities what is a good citizen y within authoritarian regimes for example different than west due to lack of provision inalienable rights Identity How citizens are attached to particular political community What political community do citizens owe their primary loyalty to y There are often competing and multiple loyalties among population These could revolve around kinship ethnic group religious group or territorial entity3 who is a member and who is not a member of the community I Relationships citizencommunitystate West democratic nation state constitutional protection to rights of individuals Individuals treated as free an equal members of society of of the polity All citizens in theory are considered to have access to certain basic entitlements Therese entitlements associated with civil political and social rightsy Prioritize individual y Rights oriented or entitlement oriented notion y Citizens become passive symbolized by phenomenon of voter apathy low turn out welfare dependencey Democracy depends not only on institutions but on quality and attitudes of citizens themselves democracy worth as much as attitude of populationy 2 Prongs rights and dutiesresponsibilities
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