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Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

Obligation, Loyality and Exile -Very engaging article from Shooting Star exploring these ideas: Objectives of Lecture: -Define the concept of obligation -Define the concept of loyality -Analyse the notion of Exile -Understand the relaxation between Exile and PO-L -Analyses specific Examples 1) Obligation -Rule-governed conduct: You behave and act in accordance to the rule(ie: Don’t smoke) Political Obligation: -Laws and demands by public agencies and the state---take the form of law -Any legal system of any state impose limits on what is allowed(ie: Cannot steal) -Ideally, parents teach you not to steal, so does religion, this is what states say---law that states that stealing is wrong Why do we obey laws? -There are concequences -Common sense -Threat of punishment -Maintains order in society -Habit, pressures -Sense of unity—compelled to obey laws, that it’s right, possibly part of habit -Natural Law -Utility -Consent—Democracy, people have consented to these laws and rules. All political authority act on behalf of the people, through they might, in practice betray trust. They pass legal system that you agree to, passive or direct -Might be some problems---state might pass laws that is not acting in a just manner 2) Loyalty -Groups: -Based on affection, search for reason to justify loyalty -Loyalty being irrational, based on feelings -“Not primarily rational” -Fidelity: -Family -Friends -Spouse -Politicians -Split loyalities -Choice: -Groups, mostly given to you, some groups are given to you when you are born, not much of a choice -There is a choice to be loyal/disloyal -Betrayal is because you do not sustain loyalty -Nationalism can be a source of loyality, choice to be loyal, there are punishiment, nation is the state, will impose legal system on you -Loyalty to nation or ethinic group vs state if State does not protect rights or interests of ethnic group. -Conflict between political obligation vs loyality—we feel compelled to obey laws, but laws are working against ethnic groups 3) Exile -Someone banished from their country by the state -State sanctioned, can be group too(ie: Amish)
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