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Lecture 4

POLA81 (now POLA01/POLA02) - Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science

Course: POLA81H3 Lecture Section: LEC 01 Date: September 27, 2013. Overview of Lecture Determinants of Migration Micro: individuals/family, wages, cost-benefit. Meso: networks, diasporas, transnationalism Macro: demographic, political, economic conditions. Micro Level Meso (Middle) Level Macro Level - based on neo-classical - migration creates/reinforces - demography economic theory networks - developed societies are - movement driven by (D) network: a set of relationships shrinking, developing societies differences in wages derived from affinities are growing - decisions made by - how are networks formed? - demand for migrants in the individuals/families through - people, communications, culture former, supply of migrants in cost-benefit analysis (often - pioneers, bridgeheads: links to the latter w/long term goals in mind). destinations - emigration is often driven by - families: chain migration high fertility rates, such as - ethnic economies safety value. - [usually] migration = developing → developed - flows decrease as countries become richer - Catholics were not welcome in America because they were assumed to struggle w/ democracy (always had someone leading them) What is transnationalism? - movement b/w places aided by transportation technology. - able to live in one place, aided by communication technology and “softer” membership rules (ie. dual citizenship) Diasporas & Transnationalism - classical “victims” of diasporas: Armenians and Jews - post-colonial diasporas: Indians in the Caribbean - “new” diasporas: migration of the concept. Economic Conditions - economic change and development enables migration in poorer parts of the world Political Conditions - conflict/displacement (push factor) - role of the state is key. - sets the term of entry through i
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