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Lecture 2

POLA81 (now POLA01/POLA02) - Lecture 2

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Political Science

Course: POLA81H3 Lecture Section: LEC 01 Date: September 13, 2013. Migration and the state (D) States: a set of institutions that possesses a monopoly on rule-making and legitimate use of force within a boundary territory – powers collectively termed sovereignty. (oxford dictionary of social sciences) - centralization of power - delineation of boundaries/borders - bureaucratization (business of the state) - cultural homogenization (ie. expressed in a standard, official language) ie. Morals beliefs vs. actual laws. (D) Sovereignty: the gov’t authorizes when you can ENTER and leave (D) Nations: a group that exhibits solidarity in the face of other groups. (D) Nation-states: (D) Nationalism: an ideology that seeks to make the boundaries of states congruent with the boundaries of nations. - thus, nationalism is therefore a political enterprise. (D) Rootless cosmopolitan: ref Triadaf’s dad. - right of exit, no right of entry. People move because: 1) Individual choice (ie individual calculations (push pull forces, neo-classical economics)). 2) Exploitation (of poor by rich [Marxism]). 3) Politics (D) Refugee: an individual who is being persecuted by those in power, a president or regime. When persecution exists, the system falls apart and thus, becomes a push factor for residents of the fleeting country.
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