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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Susan Solomon

September 28 , 2010 -Shklar found that it is not that easy to get away from political evil Why should I obey the state? 1. it useful to obey the state; you live here and living here affords you some benefits 2. There are sanctions for disobedience 3. creates caous in society 4. you agree to obey the state; unspoken consent (taside consent) 5. We obey the state because it is a natural law 6. My obedience is unforced. The state that Im obeying does good for its citizens How long do I give the state to repair itself? -we owe obligation to the laws that the state makes -for Shklar political obligation is reasoned -for Shklar political loyalty is emotional, not primarily rational; not governed by rules, its governed by sentimate -conflicting loyalties: loyal to your family and loyal to a group and they are deeply conflicted -there is tension between political loyalty and political obligation, but the also work together; example. Obligated
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