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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Susan Solomon

September 21 , 2010 -Hirschman says exit is faceless, meaning anonymous -Hirschman says exit is rational, rationality means doing whats good for you and the individual, and exit is rational for the unit as well -when he takes about exit he seems to assume that there is a single definition for rationality for the individual and the unit under certain conditions -if everyone exits in a unit then the unit will fall because there is no business and it does not help the situation because the business will close down -Slack: some alert customers and some inert customers are necessary for a strategy for recovery. Slack is good economically -Voice is not faceless, it requires choice of strategy, it is very political -when you exit you leave to make things better for you and voice changes the conditions for not only you but other citizens -The theory of slack politically: in a democracy their should be a bi
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