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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Political Science
Susan Solomon

October 19 , 2010 Background and History -Chinese person cant leave china, they may physically leave, but they still belong to china -there are two factors when leaving a country: push and pull factors -push factors are factors that push people away for a variety of reasons, ex. War, environmental disasters, government, -pull factors are attracting factors. Reasons why someone would want to go somewhere else ex. Job opportunities, stability, education, -Diaspora (Greek word), scattering people to different places -a factor is how the migrant group interacts within the receiving society host society -at the beginning the Chinese workers were welcomes because they brought cheap labour -but it changed when the government took charge over immigration -when Canada needed the railroad built they allowed 14000 workers -after building the railroad in 1889 the Canadian government placed a head tax, a fee to enter the country; it controlled the number of Chinese people
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