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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

Date: Sept 13. 2012 POLA81- LEAVING HOME: POLITICS AND EMIGRATION th -Tutorials start on sept 25 . What is home? Why is it important? Class discussion: -Sense of belonging physically and emotionally -Offers security -A place where you can be yourself and not worry about anything or be pressured. -Where you feel at ease - Creates your identity -Reflects your rules -House is a place you live and you can move anytime from;home you have a personal attachment to and have strong feelings about -Home is an emotional attachment and house is a physical attachment - Hotels know the distinction between home and house and are trying to understand that concept -The ideal home is not straightforward and can mean anything to anyone Lecture in class notes: -Large territory (how you relate to the surrounding and environment) -Property (something you own and you paid for) -Multiple settings (wealthy; can be multiple places where you feel equally strong about) -Travel trailer/cabin –(home on wheels) -Separate Residences (commuting couple- might have different jobs and therefore are commuting all the time and have 2 different homes) -Kin Support –(new immigrants don’t have the power to move into a new country and buy a house so they look at their family to help them out.) -Social Service/Street (homeless people; shelters; maybe a corner or alley is their home; that’s how they identify themselves; shows how home can change just like that -Refugee Camp – (have no home and are going through war and have no choice but to stay at camps and this is a temporary, means to move to a better situation; if you stay more that a year in these camps it becomes home) 1. CULTURE -Common language and values Date: Sept 13. 2012 -are able to understand each other; if you don’t know the language the you are not participating and are an outsider -Tradition (religion/climate) -festive holidays; it’s the experience 2. PSUCHOLOGY -Family household -Mental, psychological and emotional attachment to a place; -Memory -Past memories that make you happy, that don’t make you happy -H everything connects to the past -Attachment 3. SOCAIL CONTEXT -How you r
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