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Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

Multiculturalism Part 2 1. Analyse the concepts of 'protective' and 'polyglot' multiculturalism  Protective Multiculturalism  Protection of minorities (and their cultures) "it will try to protect your culture, as you could be treated as outcasts"  Avoidance of assimilation/oppression  -Internal to the minority group "how the members live, live out their identity" Just Protective? "We could argue its not just for protection, but maybe we want it to be stronger, celebration of diversity, not just negative measures, we should embrace it as it has value in itself" Polyglot Multiculturalism  Expansion of autonomous (you give yourself rules) choice  Borrowing and 'appropriation'- "you make it your own, something that not from your culture part of your identity" e.g. going to an Indian restaurant, buying fruits from Chinatown CELEBRATION OF DIVERSITY???? Cause IT CAN ALSO BE SEEN AS A MISREPRESENTATION, A JOKE, OR MOCKERY OF THE CULTURE 2. Dimension of multiculturalism 1. Challenge to 'nation' (as cultural community)  Coexistence in state-bounded territory  Political - Cultural boundaries  Controlled/ homogenised by the state? -Migration -Technological change -Weakening of nationalism (cosmopolitanism)  Culture as 'community' " encompasses you in your daily life"  Entire life of individuals 2. Recognition/ compensation minorities trying to create change  Unequal power and cultural incompatibility "Canada visible(self explanatory) and invisible minorities< people by looking at them it's not obvious, religious minorities; EXTERNAL ASPECT"  Historical (First Nations) minority vs. migration minority  Quest for group rights (specific set of rules that only apply to this group)  Democracy - citizenship  Form of anti-colonial discourse and struggle (political control, same head of state) Relevant to the U.K.  Culture as centre of political emancipation  Universalism as a Western power tools (cul
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