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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

POLA83Individual Unit SystemicWestphalian Governance and Global governance Hyper globalizer NeoLiberals Fukuyama OhmaeScepticsHirst and ThompsonTransformationalists Rosenau HeldSovereigntyself destructionStateNationstatenation LECURE3 main intellectual streams of globalization Intellectual streams quickly mixedpolitical streams and we refer to them as sceptics and transformationalistsWhen soviet union collapsed it became obvious that the soviet union collapsed not stbecause it was strangely organized but 1 and foremost the people rejected the idea of government interactionFukuyam and ohmae said yes people living in communist countries agreed with our idea Bankers do not have to follow a PMs advice All central banks are independent in democratic countriesNotions Hyperglobalizers arguing that globalization is primarily an economic phenomenal Economy is the engine of cycle change All societies will develop to the same point if not same This was unstoppable and unavoidable The person who argued all these things was Karl Marx First philosopher arguing that the economy is the modern invention Its the economy that changes society Working for the good of society When it is communism there would be no divisions among people the world will become a socially just place to live in Hyperglobalists say the same thingthe world would become stable and would introduce stability Marx just gave a general rise hyperglobalizer said that the road to globalization was threw free trade Differ from Marx because they want capitalism and Marx wants socialism
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