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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Lecture Notes POLA83 November 10 2011EXISTS IN ONE PART OF THE WORLD Europe What is it international requires existence of states Transnational requires existence of statesSupernatural requires states states build above themselves a new layer of governments with institutions that have real powers Those institutions behave as if they are diamonds In international relations we have only 2 things States and NGO Supernaturalism is the third kind its nether a state or a international relation Only example is the EU It has elements of an international relation and power of stateReal powers GE General elective produces big engines and lends money huge Beginning of 2000 in order to buy Honeywell GE and then the CEO of GE decided it would be a good idea to buy Honeywell so that they can increase in GE so he made an offer to buy GE and since the first depression governments sets up all sorts of agencies So he applied to merge By Appling he spend 250000 dollars just for lobbying Problemthey did not mergeThe trade commission is not a union the EU is not a state but it is made of states Since trade commission has so much power something has happened to sovereignty ANSWERo1 Members of EU are not sovereign because they gave the powers to the EU including trade commissionero2 Havent lost sovereignty they have increased sovereignty Of the 27 members Germany is the richest according to GDP because what they can do together they cant do aloneMembers of EU will never go to work together The citizens of the member states of the EU dont know borders In order to travel abroad we need a passport very often this passport has to have a visa Members of the EU do not require any kind of permission to move freely around Living working and studying A citizen of Finland wants to go to somewhere all he has to do is hop on a plane and go wherever he wants If we can move around Canada we dont need visa or passport to go to Vancouver If the Europeans do not need anything to move around Euro it is because it has many characteristics of a state No way to say EU is a state or a international organization It is both man and women It is the third category Do you think it is possible to have international corporations
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