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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Lecture Note Oct 06 2011 Watch the news Europe international financesOCT 27 he wont be here but another lecturer would beHyperglobalistsHuman rights trade has increased and the spread of human rights has notMore society dont have human rightsRather than spreading this it reversesWhen Soviet Union collapses when people were not free to pursue their rights then when it collapsed the Russians would enjoy human rights what is not universal is what human rights actually meansgovernment of Korea says Korea has real democracy but never said anything concentration camps etchuman rights in society in which human rights are protected are in democratic states What is democracy and human rightsHuman rights 2 types civilpolitical and social rights oCivil rights right to run for office the right not to be arrested arbitrary oSocial rights right to have a job rights to a rightful educationHuman rights 2 dimensions individual and collectiveoIndividual rights that our mineoCollective rights that our rights right to selfdetermination if a group of society want to form a state of their own they have the right to do soAll people in Cuba have universal healthcare but individual rights are not there Possible to have social rights but no political rightsUSA Has political rights but not really social rights when they are delivered they are delivered with the welfare state Welfare state is a collection of goods and services paid by the public money
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