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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Globalization is really about changing societyChange is happening right nowLast eight nine days many things changedA new state in the making United Euro for instanceGreece has a new government run bya PM and has not been elected technocrats do not belong to a party Former PM is a member of some bank Some members choosen Italy has a new PM who is a commissioner Italy has commissioners but has never been elected Italy has non elected government and PM A Greek PM former member of European something and a Greece a former something The European thing put two of its members into governmentIs Italy a democratic country We change individually but also collectivelyInterdependent more and more elected government and more and more government less willingly to go to warAlso sorts of factors and European Union is a good ex of what exactly is changing on the global scaleoMoney Money should not be used for your health it is my interest to keep you healthy and have paid a lot of taxes Money is an important factor of change Money that flows within the EU Member states pay membership fees to Brussels main part of the coalition Coalitions spend money on the EU Member states pay money into a part called structural funds and it works as an international aid in a way but it is not for the international world but for the EU EX United kingdom received 2 and half years ago a new sick kids hospital paid by EU funds paid by Germany etc They collected the money A lot of roads have been built from structural funds from other states German share the biggest share strongest economy and a lot of people Why do Germans pay or give loans to Geek so they dont go bankrupt SOCIETAL CHANGE TO MAKE CONTINENT STABLE AND WARFARE BETTER STABLE LIFE AND DEMOCRACY A WHOLE CONTINENT HAS GONE THROUGH THIS TRANSNOTION SOVEREIGNTY AND NOTION AND NATIONAL INTEREST HAS CHANGED GERMANS ARE DOING THIS FOR GERMANS AND OTHERS DIRECTION OF CHANGEWhole realism paradigm is changing doesnt mean we would all love each other and no war etc but what is changing is the reliance on force
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