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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

CONCLUSION OF POLA83International corporation becomes more and more of a necessity rather than a choiceTransnational level NGO Hundreds of thousands of them some are regional some have drive There are called transnational for a reason even if they are cooperating in some places they are in many places toInternational corporation gets a different levelInternational transnational and super nationalThis is what makes the world globalized Chances for the world to become singular or same we will remain diverse and cultural will not be unionized or made similar this diversity has to be built into this globalized world On what grounds can this be done If the world remains culture than that diversity has to be included in that corporation What would be the elements for this corporation to take place Public goods exclusively national paid by public money At the same time public goods are spilling over the border of the states so public goods are probably the best foundation of international corporation Public Park cannot be excluded from them Public goods publicly funded and universally delivered and therefore accessible no one can be excluded from them If the public goods are to be present in the international space someone needs to pay for it Form of spreading money called international aid a way of moving sums of money from one state to another But international aid is not to pay for public good it is given for other things If we are in this globalized world to be effectively cooperating sooner or later these public goods need to be in International Corporation oPublic goods example in the EU structural funds two countries on two different continents Finland and Portugal are so distinct from each other very different culturally they live in sun and one doesnt Country of 5 million in Finland and Portugal has more than that Port as gdp 12 thousand and Finland about 40 thousand Both belong to same organization EU Finland shifts money to Portugal but Portugal shifts some money to Finland Direction is both although amount of money is different Element that allows two Way Street is called structural funds Its member of the EU puts some money Biggest money that put the most of the money is Germany because it is the biggest and strongest economy Portugal is one of the weakest but Finland is pretty good economically but has less people Money is collected for many reasons to unionalize public goods ie To fund many things with EU money In Portugal in the center of the country there is a
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