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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

thJanuary 12 2012 Governance and Globalization We will be talking about globalization in much more detailTerm test 5 to 6 pagesFinal examTutorials 10 of final gradeReadings Global PoliticsCapitalism is undermining capitalism and the primay is in the last decade we have kind of have been confused about money how money is generated what its for etcIn the last decade we have kind of lost or been changing the meaning of money and the way money has being used Money is not confused in the market place You give money for something that is tangible Something that is real We also have things we need which are untangible We cannot touch them but we can imagine them and we can have a paper that we have them Financial goods How do we handle debt Someone can actual buy the debt Does it impact you Yes Your interest will go up It has an impact on us immediatelydebts International tradetraditional meaning of globalization International trade has been changing Your parents may have pension money plans The future of your parents depends n the value of pension Usually in a tradition economy we which the money because of trading Before money we traded goods with goods Then it become very difficult so to make it more universal they traded salt gold then money First it was coin money then we made paper money Then we created central banks and their sole purpose to make sure that the currency reflect within the overall value of goods and services The biggest
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