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Political Science
Waldemar Skrobacki

Week 12 Globalization and Global Powers S Huntington The Lonely Superpower published in FOREIGN AFFAIRS in MarchApril 1999 Here is the approach to the EUFairly long article but he uses the name EU only 2 TIMES Instead he describes the EU as the FrancoGerman alliance or the GermanFrench condominium in Europe Partly this is due to his understanding of the intl system and here is how he sees the international system He does agree that the world is not bipolar for the SU in no more But it is not an unambiguously multipolar system as this would mean that there are several powers of comparable strength that compete and cooperate with each other by forming shifting alliances So would this mean that the world is unipolar He doesnt think so either If this were the case the US would be the only power able to resolve important international issues alone He does not want the US to be the only one that resolves international issues This would cost too much and this would make the US a very busy power So the US has to get some relief It will be always the last instance and the final decisionmaker But this also means that it decide that some issues may be dealt with by others by those who will be assigned by the US to deal with the issues So the US needs helpers This is why the international system is UNIMULTIPOLARThe United States of course is the sole state with preeminence in every domain of powereconomic military diplomatic ideological technological and culturalwith the reach and capabilities to promote its interests in virtually every part of the world At a second level are major regional powers that are preeminent in areas of the world without being able to extend their interests and capabilities as globally as the United States can They include the GermanFrench condominium in Europe Russia in Eurasia China and potentially Japan in East Asia India in South Asia and Nigeria in Africa At a third level are secondary regional powers whose interests often conflict with the more powerful regional states These include Britain in relation French combination Ukraine in relation to Russia Japan in relation to China to the GermanSouth Korea in relation to Japan Pakistan in relation to India Saudi Arabia in relation to Iran and Argentina in relation to Brazil p36So the condominium is as strong as Russia or Nigeria for example 1
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