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12 Apr 2012
Week 8-Tuesday March 8, 2011
Lecture 6- Health Policy
i -Introduction
ii- Development of Canadian Health Policy
iii- Nation Building in an Era Scarcity
iv- The way Forward?
Principles of the Canada Health Act
Under section 92 clause 7 the provinces are granted jurisdiction over health, they decided where hospitals
are located, how many are inquired and how much money they will budget to pay for health care. A
provincial jurisdiction, under the Canada health act of 1994 all eligible residents of Canada are granted
reasonable access to medically ensured services. Canada;s national health insurance program is based on
13 provincial and territorial health insurance plans set out by the CHA of 1984.
these are the principles
public administration- most be carried out on a not for profits basis, public authorities
responsibility to provincial and territorial governments
-comprehensiveness- health insurance plans of the provinces and territories must insure all
medically necessary services. Physiotherapy was de-listed
universality all insured persons in a given province or territory must be entitled to coverage on
uniform terms and conditions. Quality of health care should not vary according to social
portability- allows for continued coverage while travelling out of province or moving to another
province or territory.
Accessibility- reasonable access of insured persons to medically necessary hospital or physical
services must not be impeded by financial or other barriers.
Development of Canadian Health Policy
-government's role in healthcare in the past was marginal
healthcare was not a public concern-was not a public good- hospitals were built b churches and
charitable organizations not publicly- such as St. Michael Hospital
revenues came from fees paid by patients for medically services, medically care was a commodity
that you purchased on the market, not a public good
role of the state begins in the 19th century with the role of the state beginning with public health
programs. As countries became more urban and cities grew more populated hygiene became a
social issue.
Clean drinking water that is corrupted by waste
in the past situations systems of sewers and functional water systems wanted to prevent cholera
and typhoid. Public health campaigns first began in Britain, more countries engaged in public
health to protect water supplies and reducing mass epidemics by building sewers and sewer
treatment facilitates.
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