PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Eugenics, Edward Thorndike, Operant Conditioning Chamber

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2 Dec 2016

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Lecture 19: Learning: Operant Conditioning
- How do experiences change us
- S-R psychology
o Stimulus-response
o Starting place (UCS and UCRs)
Pre wired reactions to stimuli
Unconditioned stimuli and unconditioned response
What is unlearned is the reaction or response to the stimuli
- Classical vs. Operant conditioning
o Classical
Forming association
Mapping current things you do on new stimuli
o Operant
Explains how you create brand new behaviours
Dolphins jumping through fiery hoops
Brand new S-R relations
- Eugenics
o According to Darwin, people have been using artificial breeding or
o Fast males meeting with fast females makes fast children
Who is worthy of breeding
o Adolf Hitler’s guiding principle
Blond hair blue eyes
o People started becoming anti-eugenics
They believed nature matters
o Started the discussion of nature vs nurture
- Operant Conditioning
o 1930-40s
o During the period, everyone was excited about genetics
o Edward Thorndike
Putting a cat in a box
Cat could manipulate levers to open different parts of the
puzzle box
Seeing how long the cat took to find its way out of the puzzle
Over time, the timing gets better in the puzzle box
Law of effect
If the cat did something with a positive effect, the cat is
more likely to do it again in that same spot
o B.F. Skinner
Behaviour Analysis
Skinner Box
Behavioural chambers
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find more resources at
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