PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Sensory Deprivation

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3 Dec 2016

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Lecture 17: Altered states of consciousness part 1 and 2
4 Situations of Altered states of consciousness
- Sleep
- Hypnosis
- Drugs
- Sensory Deprivation
- Why do we sleep?
o If it wasn’t important, it would be taken out through evolution
Keeping energy use low
o We don’t know what sleep is for
- During sleep, the brain releases drugs that paralyze the body
- You spend a lot of time in deep sleep during the night
- As the cycles progress, deep sleep decreases and rem increases
- Sleep and physical repair
o Sleep is somehow restorative
There was no relationship when studying people running the
Boston marathon
If you look at a range of athletic activities, sleep had a different
affect on the severity of the athletic activity
A Marathon doesn’t need much thinking and planning
Anything that needs deep conscious thought needs sleep
- Consolidation
o Sleep can help you remember things learned the previous day
o Messing with REM matters
o If you mess with peoples dreams day after day, they will hallucinate
and misrecognize things
- Parasomnia
o Case of murder while sleeping
o Are you responsible for things in your dreams
o Improper paralysis
- Hard to study
- You don’t judge the ridiculousness of dreams
- Freud vs. cognitive
o Freud
3 psychological entities
We want a balance of freedom and laws
Things we learn about praise and how society views certain
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