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Lecture 7

PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Edward Jenner, Smallpox, Milkmaid

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Steve Joordens

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At times, research has been conducted with questionable ethical justification
Edward Jenner
Observed that milkmaid did not get small pox
Theorized that exposure to cowpox protected the milkmaids
Build up immunity because they were around cows
To test this theory:
Injected pus from cowpox blister into a child
Later exposed the child to small pox
APA Ethical Guidelines for Human Research
All research goes before an institution review board (IRB0 for approval
Research involving humans must meet the following standards:
Coercion -> participants cannot be forced in a way to participate in the study
Informed Consent -> participants must know that they are involve din research and g
Time, what participants will go through, any risks (tell them as much as you can
Anonymity/Confidentiality -> the identities and actions of participants must not be r
the research
Risk -> participants cannot be placed at significant mental or physical risk, DO NO HA
Debriefing -> participants must be told of the purpose of the study and provided with
researchers about the results after the study is complete
Deception -> if the participants are deceived in any way about the nature of th
must be debriefed after the study is over
Cannot tell them that they are in an experiment, afterwards
APA Ethical Guidelines for Animal Research
Justification - the proposed research must have a clear scientific purpose
Care - must for and house animals in a humane way -> welfare focused
Source - must acquire animals legally
Minimize Suffering - must design procedures that involve the minimum suffering that is po
Have to be causing pain for a reason and minimize it
The Three R's in Animal Testing
Lecture 7 (Ethics and Responsibilities)
Sunday, September 8, 2019
5:48 PM
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