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Lecture 1

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Steve Joordens

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Psychology Lecture One
September 15, 2010.
Slide 1:
- Development of Biology & Philosophy started the field of psychology.
- Erosion of thedifferencebetween us and animals started psychology because we started studying
- Some believe that humans are special because they possess a soul.
- Animism: Early in history people would believe everything possesses a soul.
- Ex. Rock falls to ground because it “wants” to be with the Earth.
- Ex. Thunder is an angry God.
- Modern example of animism:
Zippy (Car 1) When driving Zippy I may blame my speeding on the car because of the name
but I do not mean it literally.
Ralph (Car 2)
Slide 2:
- However, once we understand something, the “magic” (aka soul) of it disappears.
- Descartes believed in dualism, he believed that the body and its responses are like machines, BUT he
still believed humans possess souls and free will. We are both puppets and puppet masters. He was
afraid to go all the way because of the society he lived in and the church.
Slide 3:
- John Locke pushed the limits further and believed the mind too is a machine.
- He believed humans were only physical matter.
- Empiricism: running experiments
- In psychology the ideas of psychologists must be proven by experiments because it is a science and
science must be proven through empiricism Locke greatly advocated this practise
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