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Lecture 18

PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Conditioned Taste Aversion, Foodborne Illness, Narcolepsy

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Steve Joordens

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1. John loves hotdogs. Over the weekend, John had food poisoning after eating some expired
hotdogs. John’s love for hotdogs has no turned into a bitter disgust. This is an example of:
Conditioned taste aversion
2. Skinner used a cumulative recorder to measure the total number of bar presses over time. Each
time the bar was pressed the total number of presses recorded would accumulate. The addition of
time as a measured variable is advantageous because it can be combined with the total number of
presses to calculate what? Rate of responding
3. While driving, Jane fell asleep and crashed her car even though she was well rested it was mid-
afternoon. What disorder does Jane have? Narcolepsy
4. During spot checks for drinking and driving, police officers will sometimes reward designated
drivers with vouchers and gifts to encourage their behaviour. What subtype of operant
conditioning is this practice reflecting? Positive reinforcement
5. Jimmy wakes up in a strange room with a bar in the middle of the room. Out of curiosity, he
presses the bar and a snack comes out. Jim is really hungry so he presses the bar again and
nothing comes out. He presses the bar another four times and a snack comes out. Still hungry, he
presses the bar two more time, and another snack pops out. This is an example of what type of
reinforcement schedule? Variable ratio
6. After reading his first year psychology textbook, Bob thought that he could teach his cat to use
the toilet. He did this by reward his cat every time she used the litter box which was moved
progressively closer to the toilet. What is this process of reinforcing successive approximations of
a target response is called? Shaping
7. As an unemployed child, Jimmy was ecstatic every time he found a quarter on the ground. Jimmy
is a very successful hedge fund manager and while he still loves money, he can’t be bothered to
pick up even the shiniest of quarters. What has happened to Jimmy’s appreciation of loose
change? Reward devaluation
8. Which brain structure underlies the motivation to seek out both primary and secondary
reinforcers? Nucleus accumbens
9. The study of the relationship between the physical world and the mental representations of that
world is referred to as _______. Psychophysics
10. Steve designed a reinforcement schedule that is based on the amount of responding. Sometimes,
the reward is administered after five responses, other times the reward is administered after ten
Reponses; on average a reward is administered after seven responses. What is this reinforcement
schedule called? VR7
11. What is one implication of the Activation-Synthesis hypothesis? Dreams are a form of learning
12. A typical operant chamber includes a lever that can be manipulated. Pushed the lever will
sometimes result in the delivery of food. In this case, the food is an example of a: Reinforcer
13. According to the Hebb Rule, how does the synapse between a neuron representing a conditioned
stimulus and a neuron representing a conditioned response become strengthened? Simultaneous
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