PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Auditory Hallucination, Catatonia, Schizophrenia

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
● schizophrenia
not multiple personalities
broken mind, shattered mind
dissection of word
voices in the mind often
auditory hallucination
occasionally dramatic
tell people what to do
feel like following orders and feel good
subtle difference in activity
voices from external and internal world
regular occurrences of voices
causes problems for society
hospitalizations and prevalent
delusions of persecution, control, and grandeur
positive symptoms
what sane people do not have
problem distinguishing reality and fantasy
persecution and grandeur delusions
construct stories that they believe are true
negative symptoms
do not have what sane people have
odd speech patterns
○ disorganized
not emotional
low energy
socially inept
paranoid schizophrenic
intelligent and emotional responses are intact
auditory hallucinations
best prognosis for recovery
■ medicine
heavy on positives
lose hallucinations and delusions with medicine often
dislike because loss of positive symptoms, grandeur
normal feels week
prefer intelligence
medication causes them to drool
causes for stopping medication
often do not continue with medication
● disorganized
speech and behaviour
flat and inappropriate emotional responses
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