PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Somatic Symptom Disorder, Panic Attack, Malingering

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Published on 14 Apr 2013
tightrope of mental stability
mental illness
degree of present and maladaptive and interference of life
everybody has a bit of crazy
somatoform disorders
people who feel sick when they don’t have any underlying biological reason
mostly women
○ symptoms
chronic, baseless wide-ranging complaints
a little bit of everything
leads to changes in life
doctors (visit often), meds
similar to hypochondriasis
runs in families
catch whatever is popular
extreme version
conversion disorder
men and women equally
must be associated with psychological trigger
malingering, different from because truly believe
faking a sickness
panic attacks
women twice as likely
amygdala focused on danger
activates sympathetic system when excited
kicks in hippocampus
prepares or gets us out of danger
random activation in brain
escape unseen danger, terrifying and feels helpless as well as dizzy, etc.
about to die soon
leads to anticipatory anxiety
fear of having a panic attack
context bound at times through classical conditioning
leads to phobias
phobic disorders
persistent, irrational fears of specific objects or situations
has to be interfering with life to be diagnosed or considered a true phobia
obsessive compulsive disorders
women twice as likely
recognize that this a problem and wish it would stop
often leads to rituals
not multiple personality disorder
only have one personality
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