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lecture 5

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John Bassili

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Psychology Lecture 5
-autism happened at a rate of 1 in 1000 children in the past
-the rate increases to 1 in 160 children in the present
-it was believed that its cause is vaccination (controversial theory)
-but was proved to be exposed to flaw
-people were afraid to have vaccination for their infants
-the result was infants that are not vaccinated died
-the scientist who stated vaccination was the cause received money from lawyer that sue the
medical company
Symptoms of autism
-delay or absence of social development
-baby becomes responsive in normal condition
-baby with autism is not engaged in baby-adult activities
-ambiguous signs make it hard to identify child with autism
-usually identified by clinical psychologists
-virtual and repetitive behavior
-prefer to be left alone to engage in virtual
-prefer his own space and time
-obsess with order
-like to order toys in precise pattern in repetitive fashion and dislike deviation
-overflow behavior
-tiptoe and excessive hand movement
-movement is out of content and does not serve the purpose
-no test to identify them
-symptoms are variable
-difficult to pinpoint those behavior
-lifelong condition
-intensive therapy of autism requires a lot of time, money, and skills of the therapist
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
-education context in school system analysis for the purpose of integration of child
-design environment that minimize autistic behavior
Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)
-therapist spends a lot of time in reinforcement
-learn principle type of procedure to get the child to respond and feel emotion
-to make emotions come natural to them
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