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Lecture 1

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John Bassili

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LEC01[Introduction]Social Psychology at Work
Story: freebies at the beach, that moves into a building and scams people of their money.
Theme in social psychology; important that people are not familiar with the situation
so they dont know how to react.
They take advantage of the unfamiliarity and uncertainty.
Uncertainty is an element that makes people vulnerable psychologically to the
influence of others, when people are uncertain, they tend to look towards other
people that can help them define the situation.
Anytime we are uncertain, we hope that others can define how we should act.
Telling of a tale creates a notion that people are going to get an advantage or deal,
gathers people through greed. Greed motivates people.
People were reinforced at the beginning when they actually got a deal or reward.
Gives the environment reinforcements
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