PSYA02 Lec 12: Sex and Aggression

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Lecture 12: sex and aggression (and a bit of eating) Motivation has 2 components: initiaion in an act and perseverance (continuation of that act) Intermittent reinforcement need to be occasionally rewarded no reward behaviour gets extinguished. I. e. golfers persevere through disappointment because once in a while some good shots happen. Intrinsic drive come within oneself and it"s due to a high drive and perseverance. Giving a kid a reward will only repeat their behaviour it they think they"ll get a reward again less likely to repeat that act than children who are intrinsically motivated. Learned helplessness anti-perseverance feel like no way out of the situation even if there is a solution (just take whatever comes one"s way without trying to get out of it) Concept is frequently seen in women who are victims of domestic violent women don"t leave (maybe they"ve tried but it turned out badly) The three motivation relevant research context: eating, sex, aggression.