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Chapter 10 Language January 17
Did Nim Have Language?
Nim, Vicki and other chimps did not really learn language
The chimps have just learned complicated tricks
Language: The Brain and Language Disorders
Hemispheric Specialization
When men engage in arhyming task” the left side of the brain is stimulated. Women
have activity on both sides of the brain.
fMRI scan – images body, more sophisticated x-ray, it sees soft tissue along with the
bone; the “f” in fMRI stands for functional, in psychology the function is important
When we speak, blood comes to the brain area used, the scan shows that when people are
engaged in arhyming task” the stats show that men have more activity on the left brain
fMRI is good at looking at spatial resolution, but not good with temporal resolution
Language Centres and Aphasias
In Wernicke’s area it recognizes the sequence of the sound and organize, interprets
This information gets sent to Broca’s area
Broca’s area is responsible for speech production and grammar
The two types of strokes, first type is the blockage stroke, where the part of the brain
dies, the second type is the pressure stroke
Strokes are the primary cause for aphasias
Aphasia refers to problems of speech
Some aphasia have to do with understanding, some have to do with the production of
Language Centres and Aphasias
Broca’s Aphasia: Laborious speech Agrammatism (no production or comprehension of
complex grammar. No function words)
Comprehension: Recognizing sequences of sounds and words.
Wernicke’s Aphasia (receptive aphasia) Poor comprehension. Produce fluent gibberish.
Use function words but few content words. The person loses fluency.
Aphasia Video
The lawyer suffered a stroke and ended his professional career as he was not able to use
function words (words that linked content words)
The damage in Broca’s area caused him to blank out function words; he could no longer
understand complicated sentences such asThe leopard was killed by the lion.” He
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