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Chapter 13 Motivation and Emotion February 7
Do Men and Women Differ in Sex Drive?
Sex drive – strength of sexual motivation (intensity + frequency)
Baumeister (2001) did a research on sex drive in men and women
Sexual Fantasies
50% of men reported to thinking about sex everyday, whereas only 20% of women
indicated the same
Desired Number of Sex Partners
Premise: stronger sex drive = desire for more partners
Studies have asked men and women how many sexual partners they would like in the
next two years
Infidelity is much higher for men than women
Premise: stronger sex drive = more masturbation
Survey results published in 1990 revealed that 45% of men and 15% of women
masturbate at least once a week
There is a social element in these researches on sex when questions are raised because
there are different pressures with males and females
Masturbation may not be as weird socially to report on
Seeking Sex
Premise: stronger sex drive = imitating sexual activity
Men are 3 times more likely to engage in sex than women are
In a study (1989), a question was asked to women,Would you go to bed with me?” none
of the women said yes; when men was asked this question, 75% said yes
Prevalence of Low Sexual Desire
Premise: stronger sexual drive = high sexual desire
Hypoactive sexual desire disorder – constantly low or absent desire for sexual activity or
sexual fantasies (i.e. couples who seek sex therapy because of the problem of low sexual
desire; women make up 81% of the diagnosed cases of low sexual desire, men 19%)
Self-Rated Sex Drive
Premise: stronger sex drive = higher rating
In 1979, sex drive scales administered to both women and men showed that women rate
their sexual urges as less strong than men do (the pattern was also found in middle-aged
persons as well as people between 80 and 102)
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