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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 14
-relate to physical body condition that autonomic nervous system is responsible for
2 Branches
1) Sympathetic
-causes us to experience emotion
-take place in good and bad sensation
-prepare us and mobilize resources to fight or flee
-endocrine system is in charge of hormone secretion
James-Lange Theory
-most people thought it was fear that drives us run away, James and Lange propose something
-formulated in 1890
-see a bear, sense danger, run away automatically
-we adapt well to a situation that we run away without deep thinking
-after the physical action, fear is sensed
-fear is an after effect
-behaviour is adaptive, which is better than deliberate process (stop and think about the situation)
Schachter & Singer’s Two Component Theory
-body reacts the same way to happy and fearful situation because they involve the same actions
-reason why you feel happy or sad to an event because you attribute certain sensation to a feeling
Le Doux’s Brain Pathways of Defense
-initiate response before we identify the situation
-when we sense a snake-like creature, information is sent to thalamus
-when it gets active, information is sent to medulla
-automatic arousal and hormone secretion are stimulated
-quick adaptive response
-visual cortex performs close, detailed identification process
final decision and careful processing of information are the last step of the analysis of the
Lie Detection
-polygraph can be used to test if a person is lying or not
-liar cannot control automatic behaviour because they fear they will be found out
-indicators include respiratory rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, resistance of skin
-resistance of skin is tested through wire attachment to left finger
resistance of skin is sweating, Galvonic skin response
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