Lecture 15

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13 Feb 2011
Lecture 15 Psychology II
Review of Last Lecture
Lie Detection
-based on polygraph
-measure reaction that people cannot control when they are nervous
-measure respiration rate, blood pressure, heart rate, skin resistance
-block respiration when one is nervous
-control question is used to compare emotion (level of emotion) in relevant question
Is Polygraph Accurate?
-has 70 to 85% accuracy
-Lykken identified one problem in polygraph is that innocent people are determined to be guilty
as well
-polygraph is not admitted in court as evidence in Canada because they are unreliable
-a risk that jury may not listen to other evidence and rely solely on polygraph
-too much danger and the technology does not have a high level of accuracy
Can you beat the Test?
-emotion suppression does not work
-the better way is to fake emotion and contract one’s toe
-mimic being emotional
Natural Cues to Lying
-custom officers are asked to identified smuggler and non-smuggler by watching video
-they fail to identify liar because they believe that liar exhibit natural cues, like looking away,
touching nose, and slow in response
-in fact, professional liar can master the skills without showing natural cues above
-Paul Edmund identified facial expression is universal and is linked to autonomic nervous system
-even people that never receive Western education can identify the same emotion
-people are good at what they are expressing so natural cues do not show all emotion
1) Masking- do not show feeling that is inappropriate, like laughing at competitor when he loses
2) Stimulation- show fake feeling, congratulating competitor when he wins
3) Modulation- maximize/ minimize emotion
-people generally have good control over expression
-but people do show micro-expression of fear and happiness that indicate they are telling lie
-micro-expression are intense and fast facial expression that most people miss
-poker player also uses micro-expression to guess what the player’s cards are
Other Indicators to identify Liar
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