PSYA02H3 Lecture 17: Lecture 17

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20 Feb 2011
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PSYA02H3 Full Course Notes
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Personality is an attribute of people: trait approach. Character quality, like nice, fun to be with, bright. There are 20 000 personality traits to describe someone. Factor analysis is used to identify underlying clusters of factors. Researchers will come up with a questionnaire with all 20 000 traits vocabulary and ask participants to rate a person"s personality. Computer software is used to calculate the tendency of one trait to another and their relationship. Result is there are 5 main clusters in personality trait. People"s personality is a mixture of the 5 main clusters instead of representation from one cluster. Become hyper, worried, unstable, and nervous about issue. Open to all kinds of idea: agreeableness. Requires note taking and chapter review for people to succeed. Be curious about the material: psychobiological approach. Intelligence is a form of personality trait as well. Twin studies are used to test heritability of personality. Look at the effect of brain damage on personality.