PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 23 Cultural Evolution, Lifestyle and Self-control.doc

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27 Mar 2012
PSYCHOLOGY Lecture 23: Cultural Evolution, Lifestyle and Self-Control
March 09, 2012
…continuation of Lecture 22
-viewpoint on a certain issue will become more extreme if you go to a group that also
believes in that viewpoint i.e. environmentalism
-group polarization tendency to become more extreme in their view in a group
-No Labels forget labels in terms of groups, just solve the problem
-every now and then, something happens in a group that is dangerous groupthink
-1960s JFK and the government and Cuba bomb Cuba because they were
-people blindly follow a leader without thinking about it and this is a result of
-groupthink nature is happening in Syria people doesn’t not think the leadership is not
right but leadership is morally right and they are willing to kill their own people
-groupthink arises from a cohesive group which is isolated from the rest of the world, has a
strong and powerful leader, external threat, low esteem, etc.
-in groupthink, they support a course of action and don’t consider an alternative
-those that think alternatively, that person is ostracized or possibly even killed
Lecture 23
Cultural Evolution
-culture continues to adapt to ever-changing environmental pressures
-cultural evolution is due to proximate cause
-i.e. strong male natural advantage for a women having a strong male and now it’s not
so much i.e. if a weaker male is more intelligent more money now money gives
security and protection
Animal Research
-animals shouldn’t be used for research when we led an unhealthy lifestyles
-biggest issue that leads to unhealthy lifestyle is nutrition
-heart disease and cancer are the two main causes of death
-it is claimed that animal research has increased life expectancy by 29 years but this may be
-it is believed that North American life expectancy will start dropping because of unhealthy
lifestyle (obesity on epidemic proportion)
-body stores energy in the form of fat because it doesn’t know if the food will come
tomorrow and body keeps storing which leads to obesity
Reward Timing and self Control
-those who enjoyed the taste of high fat food and stored that fat and they had the fat to
draw from during lean times (in cave man times) more likely to survive
-we’ve evolved from these people but high-fat food is not scarce anymore
-lifestyle decision don’t kick in until past reproduction stage which is why we cannot adapt
to not enjoy the taste of high fat food
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