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Lecture 3 - Chapter 10

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John Bassili

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Lecture 3
Chapter 10
x Vicki the chimp was taught to speak by family 40s50s
o Thought was maybe you could teach a chimp my rearing them they could possibly speak
o It took 3 years to teach Vicki 4 words
o People realized there was something wrong with Ç]vP}ZZ]uUZÇ}v[
have the vocal apparatus, bypass that and move to language symbolic etc without
sound, maybe you can teach apes etc to comm. Using language
o ^Çu}oU(}o}uuXt]Z]Pv}v[Ào}]o]Ç}}uuµv]Á]Z
x Washoe taught ASL American sign language, language generative?
o Flexible ability to go for a meaning to a string of signs
o Washoe can imitate gestures very good at it
o Signs used appropriately such as in games
o Washoe used the sign more to ask for more food open to use for OPEN doors stc
o This showed that chimp understood the concepts
o He could string words together too
Washoe appears to have learned symbols and what they stand for
Yes its impressive he learned but a lot of editing in the film
Could be bias in the editing of video, be leary
x tZ[}ul}(Z]u>vPµP
o Does this experiment convince us that he could:
Learn to use igns to label things
Generate new combinations of signs to communicate new ideas?
brough all chimp language reeaarch to an end
x Meet Nim Chimpsky
o Play on Noam Chompsky famous linguist no one likes him in US publishers hated him,
had to go to Canada for publishers
o Hugo Chavez held up Chompskys book and told them to read that book Political writings
o Laura Ann Petitto
x Did Nim Have Language?
o At comlumbia Herbert Terrace and lauara set a program to teach nim sign language
o Herbert optimistic saying that he could interpreter for chimps in wild
o E]uov]PvovPµPUµu^µv}v_µZÁv}uZ]vP
o Not really putting sentence together rambled words
o They wrote negative accounts in terms of whether or not he spoke language
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