Lecture 6

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1 Mar 2011
Saad Imran Page 1
Lecture 6
Chapter 11 t Intelligence
x What is Intelligence?
o Mental skill
o Whether intelligence is just a general mental skills or think of people having specific
skills intelligence many things
o Intelligence has to do with good performance in cognitive tasks, but what counts for
good performance?
o Stephen harper knows everthing about hockey, dion former professor uni
o Bill Gates richest man, what made him richest? Same skills as harper?
o He was great visionary etc, what kind of mental skills make him richest, are they same?
o Issue here whether intelligence one skill you good at one thing you good at others or
whther many skills involved
x Is Intelligence a Single Thing?
o Look at athletes is athleticism one skills or many different skills?
o If person good at one than he should be good at others
o Runner -> Soccer, Biking Tennis -> Hockey
o If someone good at one likely to be good at all good athlete? Well no
o Just like athleticism intelligence is not a single ability
x Autistic Savant Syndrome
o Savant(genius-french)
o Very rare case in which an individual with an IQ that is well below average has an
exceptional talent in a particular area
o Very autistic challenged, but good at one single thing. One common talent savant is
Calendar calculation (given date, they know day of week)
Amazing feats of memory
Great musical ability despite the lack of formal training
Mastery of several languages
x Partitioning Intelligence
o Spearman (1927) first psychologists to theorize about human intelligence
o Test most abilities in mental realm, if good in one likely to do well in other
o Spearman noticed same with test of intelligence correlations with intelligence
o G factor (g for general) underlies all cognitive functions
o S factor (s for specific) specific inclinations at certain things
x Identifying factors via factor analysis
o Psychologists more recently have relied on statistical method called factor analysis
o Take form all people participating in study their score on measures taken and as
researcher ask are there underlieing themes to all thuµ^µvoÇ]vP(}_
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