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Lecture 24

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 24
-prejudice is a negative attitude toward a group of people
-it is an attitude, not behaviour
-behaviour would be considered as discrimination
-Katz and Braly conducted an experiment of stereotype in Princeton University
-students were asked to check the appropriate adjectives that describe the cultural group
-a consent and agreement about the characteristics of each cultural group
-a change in American perspective about the Japan after the sudden Pearl Harbour attack
-thought Japanese was treacherous
Are stereotype accurate?
-stereotype is pretty accurate overall
-pinpoint characteristics of group
-but inaccuracy in superiority, no one group is higher than the other group
-ex. immigrants are less educated or less healthier
Causes of prejudice
-people that are brought up in a prejudiced environment
-associate negative feeling toward a certain group
-bad economic time
-struggle to find job
-immigrants compete with local people for the same job
-bossy boss
-retaliate against boss
-look for scapegoat
-express it against minority
-psychodynamic theory
-authoritarian parents cause the kids to obey and dislike them simultaneously
-express anger to the minority
-norm of being superior than other groups
-conformity, scared of what others will think about him by having a certain type of though
Institutional Prejudice
-sexual orientation, homosexuality
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