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Lecture 25

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 25
-Section 15(1) of the Charter forbids institutional prejudice and discrimination
-Section 15(2) allows activity that helps improve the disadvantaged group
-ex. lower the acceptance rate for white people to a program in order to increase that of the
Reverse Discrimination
-action against traditionally advantage groups in affirmative action
Value Pluralism
-values are always in conflict
-every policy that promotes equality for minority violates merit principle
-policy that promotes respect for minorities undermines freedom of expression
-policy that promotes religious right undermines traditional symbol
-institution is usually careful about setting up the policy, it wants to promote equality and not to
offense most people
-in 2004, French government forbade kids in school to wear religious symbol
-tried to separate state from religion (secularism)
Implicit Association Test
-researchers ask participants to respond by clicking left and right button in association with the
picture of black and white people with positive and negative terms
-at first, they relate white people with positive terms and black people with negative terms
-most people do not have difficulty performing the task
-but when the terms are flipped with black people relating to positive terms and white people
relating to negative terms, people start to make mistake
-this means people are prejudiced in associating positive terms with white people
-black/ south Asian participants have more preference for their own race so they can relate
positive terms with black people and make less mistake in the test
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