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Lecture 26

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 26
Implicit Association Test
-does not explain how prejudice works
-is based on classification and sorting task
-when positive term is related to black people, participant with prejudice shows incompatibility
or makes more mistakes in clicking the keys
-people who have negative association with a certain race have more difficulty with positive
terms in relation with the race
-measure reaction time instead of correctness
-stress is response to challenge in life
-ancestors face physical threat
-animals face fear of predator
-stress response is fight or flight
-endocrine gland releases hormone to carry corresponding action
-adaptive behaviour that gets you out of trouble
-long term stress is continuous stimulation of cortisol
Social readjustment rating scale (SRRS)
-standardize amount of stress in event of life
-vacation acts as a disruption of one’s routine, which make people stressed
Stress Response
-cortex recognizes the object, sends message to medulla then hypothalamus
-message is sent to adrenal gland through spinal cord
-adrenal gland secretes cortisol
-increase blood sugar, heart rate, and energy in muscle (turn stored carbohydrate into sugar)
-cortex also sends message to pituitary gland
-long term stress results in fracture, degeneration of neuron, worse immune system
-more likely to get disease
-brain gets smaller
-short term stress is good
-female is more stress responsive than male
-3 times more likely to have depression
-estrogen injection in males them to be more stress responsive
-female with bigger social network is more stress responsive
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
-memory phenomenon that sticks to an individual and will not go away
-simple cue reminds them of chronic event
-hypersensitive to cue
-strong avoidance of the situation and event
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