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Lecture 27

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 27
Mental Disorders
-norm that people deviate from
-behaviour that is mal-adaptive
-hard for the individual to control his behaviour and adapt in the society
-adaptation and behaviour function
-DSM-IV is a manual used to classify mental disorder
-Axis I focus on mental disorder
-Axis II focus on personality disorder
Non-scientific classification of mental disorder
-conscious awareness of the irrational behaviour
-anxiety, phobia, obsession, depression
-more severe problem
-loss of touch with reality
-hallucination, hear voice
-emotion of fear
-fear of open space
-avoid situation that cause people to be out of control and vulnerable to panic attack
-panic attack includes faintness, increased heart rate, disorientation, dizziness, sweatiness
-feel safe only at home
-must bring companion when going outside
-home and companion are safety signals
-feel well only when they think they are in control
-diet affects the disorder
-caffeine causes symptoms similar to panic attack
-stimulant that control anxiety-like symptom
-chronic worry, feel worry all the time without known reason
-free flowing anxiety
-have nightmare, have sleeping problem
-create something fearful to fit the anxious symptom
-multiple worry
-drink and depend on sleeping pill
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