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Lecture 29

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 29
Personality disorders
-create problem for the individual and others
-cannot get along with others
-not an episode that people experience
Characteristics of psychopath
-take advantage of others
1. criminality is tendency to violate norm
2. lack of empathy
-unresponsive to fear
-unreactive autonomic nervous system
-when the person receives electric shock, he shows no fear
-show no remorse hurting others
-polygraphy would not work on these people
-self-centered, egocentric
-feel they are entitled to have things that others do not have
-composes of mainly male
-take pride of taking advantage
-compulsive, lack of planning
-aggressive, get into fight
-show reckless disregard
-most likely to involve in speeding, do not care about others
-thrill seeking, engage in dangerous activity
-irresponsible at work and in finance
Antisocial personality disorder
-behaviour is against society
-criminal behaviour and violence
-symptoms include abuse of alcohol and drug
-cannot see how his behaviour affect others
-engage in fight and gang activity
-lack of ethical and moral development
-emotionally retarded
-normal range of feeling fails
-capacity for guilty feeling underdevelops
-range of antisocial behaviour is wide
-modulate from bad behaviour that is not illegal to behaviour that breaks the law
-act that cannot result in jail
-has desire to have someone he trusts to understand him
-suffer solitude
-difficult for a person to change
-if he is not in jail, he is not going to change
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