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Lecture 30

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 30
Mood disorder
-5 out of 10 causes of disability are mood disorder, which are major depression, bipolar mood
disorder, alcohol use, obsessive-compulsive disorder
-symptoms include fatigue
-sleep disruption
-sleep all the time to avoid reality
-change in appetite
-state of stupor
-motionless for long period of time
-negative thought
-feel guilty
-lack of ability to function
-low self-esteem
-suicide attempt
-inability to concentrate
-feeling of hopelessness
-believe they have physical problem
-stupor is unresponsiveness
-mode of thinking is maladaptive
-learned helplessness
-dogs that are administered electric chock no matter what they did to avoid the shock learn to
give up and accept the situation
-think there is no relationship between trying and changing the situation
-depression is inheritable
-being up to the point of dis-functioning
-high energy, but cannot focus
-easily distracted
-extreme talkativeness
Bipolar mood disorder
-way up and way down
-episode of extreme up and down
-interfere with judgement
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibition (SSRT)
-used to treat depression
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