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Lecture 31

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John Bassili

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Psychology II Lecture 31
Sexual Disorder
-paraphilia is a disorder that creates discomfort for the individual and others
-stimulated by something that is not in the norm
-sexually arousing fantasy
-male disorder
-have low self-esteem and feel insecure about masculinity
-indecent exposure only makes them feel better for a while
-cycle of exhibitionism: loss of self-esteem, depression, relief, remorse
-reaction of the victim makes them feel powerful
-therapy includes helping the patient to find self-worth
-non-consensual sexual activity
-from of paraphila
-feel empowered in victim’s resistance
-individual performs such activity when he is being rejected by his partner
-fusion of violence and sexuality
-cycle: hate, anger, fantasy
-planned impulsiveness
-engage in passive planning
-treatment includes teaching them to have empathy for victim
-not a mental disorder
-aversion approach of injecting hormone that creates unpleasant feeling associated with violence
does not work well
Gender identity disorder
-more common in male
-injection of hormone
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