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Chaper 15: Developmental Psych--Lec 5 (Groups)

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John Bassili

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Chapter 15: Social Psychology (Lecture 5)
March 11/2011
oMany atrocities that have been committed by people who are a part of
oLynching: murder by a crowd of an individual (hanging, burning, etc.)
1930: Erwin, a black man, was lynched for the rape of a white girlhis
fingers were pulled, his teeth were pulled, and he was hung by a tree
and burned
No one was put to trial for these crimes
The lynching was seen as entertainment
In the south of America, lessons were taught to black men to stay
away from white women
Post-card were made of the body and mailed to family members and
oFrustration-Aggression Hypothesis : whenever people are frustrated, they
have an impulse to aggress.
Possible contributor might be a general frustration of society (due to
economic situations, racial circumstances, etc.)
People need an output and blacks in the south were vulnerable
Research shows that as the economy was high in the south, there were
less lynchingssocio-economic theory
oGustave LeBon:
Wrote a book on The Crowd based on the psychology that took place
in crowds
Theme: individuals that are perfectly bright and moral turn into less
sophisticated creatures when they are in crowds
Two processes of why morality decreases in a crowd:
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