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Lecture 35

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John Bassili

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Psychology Lecture 35
Cognitive therapy
-developed by Aaron Beck to deal with depression
-pattern of behaviour that is maladaptive
-identify the maladaptive behaviour and provide alternative thinking
-patient is engaged in biased thinking in negative direction
-collaborative empiricism is when therapist develops good working relationship to solve the
-guided discovery is when therapist tries to prove the patient’s thought is biased in the data
gathering process
-situation is not as bad as the patient has described
-should feel better about the current situation
-challenge the negative way of thinking, questioning
-evaluate patient’s thinking
Correct the misconception and help patient to be less anxious
-identify problem and modify the attitude towards problem
-patient focuses only on a particular detail and ignores the other factors
-patient makes conclusion based on inadequate information
-over-generalize problem, a mistake in one thing is a mistake in everything
Evaluation of Psychotherapy
-psychotherapy helps patients to feel better in general
-longer therapy helps more than shorter therapy
-marriage counselling is ineffective
-medication is not as effective as psychotherapy
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