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Lecture 22

PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Dream Interpretation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological InterventionPremium

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Dwayne Pare

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PSYA02H3 – Lecture 22: Insight Therapies
There are different types of mental health professionals – it is important to realize where
these roles actually fit, and what credentials are needed to be that type of therapist
Clinical psychologist – PhD. or doctoral
oProvides therapy for people with mental disorders
Counseling psychologist – doctoral in psychological or educational counseling
oTherapy for milder problems like academic, job, relationship problems
Psychiatrist – medical degree with residency in mental health
oProvides therapy for people with mental disorders and prescribe drugs or
other biomedical treatments
Psychoanalyst – any of above credentials but with training from a psychoanalytic
oProvides psychoanalytic therapy for psychological disorders
Clinical social worker – master’s or doctoral in social work with specialized
training in counseling
oHelps with social problems like family issues
It took a lot to get where we are today
oMany old treatments were horrible (mentally, emotionally, and physically)
but we may have needed to do them to get to where we are today
Modern Therapies
Insight Therapies
Group Therapies
oDealing with personal issues
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