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PSYA02H3 Lecture Notes - Aphasia, Vocal Folds, Linguistics

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Psych lecture 2 6/8/2012 3:15:00 PM
Allows us to get content of our working memory out of our head
and into the heads of others
Working memory can bring together information form different
times and solve problem
Language shares the working memory or solutions
Through language you can communicate your ideas
It’s a glue to bring community together
It is a significant, allows the people from present to talk about the
past and predict the future
We are transmit more than just words
It is very important across time space and with each other
Animals are very smart, dogs can differentiate about 120 words
Fantastic receptive language: they know many of the words which
you here repdoitally, but they can not communicate that much
Chimps can never speak because do not have the vocal cord, but
they can sign
o When you leave chimps leave alone they will talk to
o They will ask for things by doing something, or sign
o If they want reward they will do something
o They can communicate with one and another
o They can teach the young how to sign
It is really tricky when making cross comparison
Both species are very smart chimps and dogs
o Dogs follow leaders and if you don’t act like a leader then he
wont follow you
o You have to have a lot of non verbal communications
o Verbal communication is very important part of language,
body language
Neutral underpinnings
We see language as very human and it depends on a specific part
of the human brain which humanize language
o Language is not only controlled by left side of the brain, there
is language is also controlled by the right side
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